Witnessing the beauty of the volcano is one of the most amazing shows in nature. On certain tours, we try to see Blue Fire and the Crater Hole up close and safe. In Bromo and Ijen Crater, we can sometimes approach and even touch water with a high level of acidity! This tour offers great opportunities to see volcanic activity up close.

Have you always wanted to get up close and personal with a volcano? Now is your chance! We offer hiking and super jeep 4x4WD tours to the best-known volcanoes in Indonesia. Whether you want to summit a volcano or descend into its crater, we can take you there.

Consult your tour to us, we serve volcano tours in East Java in particular :

  • Mt Bromo
  • Mt Ijen
  • Mt Semeru
  • Mt Raung
  • Mt Arjuna Welirang
  • Etc
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